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Long-term Partners.
A Better Path to the Public Markets.

We help visionary CEOs, founders and teams access the public markets and long-term strategic capital to help accelerate their mission and value potential.

Partnering in your success is central to our mission, and our unique combination of proven tech operators and deep sovereign wealth relationships can help us win together.

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Alkuri Global isn't your typical SPAC sponsor

Operator-led and and shareholder-friendly is our way. Alkuri Global Acquisition Corp is our first SPAC, where we seek to partner with a world class team to further enable growth, realize a bold vision, and access the public markets.


Our team has been through typical IPOs, and has built and run multi-billion dollar tech companies in both public and private settings. We get it, and we can help.

Patient Capital
Patient Capital

Our team brings decades of scale investing and deep relationships with patient sovereign capital that knows what it means to invest in visionary CEOs and management teams for the long run.

True partners
True Partners

We're here to work side-by-side with investors and management teams to create value long after the deal is done -- we want to help and we won't disappear when things get tough.

seller-friendly structure
Seller-friendly Structure

Our goal is to deliver investor-friendly structures that few SPACs can provide while pairing operational expertise among the sponsor team. In short: higher quality, less dilution.

Partnership is core to our philosophy

We're here to help you achieve your vision faster than you thought possible. Sure, one of the benefits of a SPAC is speed. But when you're moving fast, having the right partners by your side is critical.

One Team

Our team and crew of advisors have been there and done that, and are excited to help you get it right while moving fast. We won't just give you a list of agencies to call for help and wish you luck. We'll work directly with you and your teams to get (the right) "stuff" done, fast.

Experienced Advisors

We have seasoned advisors in the Alkuri Global family that are excited to help great teams prepare to be great public company teams. We have amazing people that can help in the areas so many companies get wrong out of the gate, like IR, FP&A, Legal and digital marketing.

Flexible & Long-term

We want to be helpful in the way you need it, for as long as you need it. We will help you get to the public markets, and we can help with board and advisory support afterwards to ensure you have the right people around the table to achieve your vision.

Our Team & Sponsors

Operators + Investors + Partners

Rich Williams
Rich Williams headshot
Public tech CEO, public markets navigator, investor & advisor, go-to-market specialist
Sultan Almaadeed
Jon Huberman headshot
Investor and founder, sovereign wealth investor and proven contrarian
Steve Krenzer
Steve Krenzer headshot
Scale operator, builder, investor & advisor, mentor to growth stage CEOs
Jon Huberman
Jon Huberman headshot
Tech operator, investor, multi-time SPAC sponsor & CEO, software specialist
Katie May

Katie is a serial entrepreneur that's been on the IPO ride before and has been at the helm of multiple high-growth tech companies from inception to global scale. She's also an experienced investor and board member for both private and public companies.

// Independent director
Jason Harinstein

Jason is a health tech CFO that brings 20+ years of deal experience in high growth environments and across all lifestages. He knows how to get deals done and he knows what it takes to be successful in both public & private companies.

// Independent director
Steve Smith

Steve brings decades of private equity and capital formation experience to the Ark Global team and SPAC board. He knows how to bring strategic capital together to drive growth and create value beyond the checkbook.

//independent director
Roushan Zenooz

Roushan brings decades of tech M&A and management experience with some of the biggest names on the Internet. He's a founder, executive chairman, and investor all rolled into one.

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